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There are many considerations when choosing the best air compressor for your needs but we have done our best to make the selection process as easy as possible. Whether you are looking to buy an air compressor for your garage or shop we will guide you through the process.

Tank Size

This will likely be the biggest factor in determining the price which you will pay but it is also the first place to start when making your choice. If you only plan on airing up tires and running air tools with short bursts like a nail gun a small tank size (less than 5 gallon) will probably be just fine.

For tools which require a steady stream of air pressure, like a car buffer for instance, a small tank can empty out pretty quick and leave you standing around waiting for some pressure. The more tools you plan to operate which use constant pressure will require larger and larger tanks otherwise you will be waiting for the pressure to increase enough to use the tool. This is especially true when using an paint gun or grinding tool.


Portability can be important if you plan on moving your compressor to and from a work site or into your basement for DIY projects. Compressors which are easily moved with a carrying handle have been labeled as portable. Stationary compressors come in horizontal or vertical designs. They may still have wheels but are only designed to be easily moved on level surfaces. Depending on the space you have available this could be a deal breaker.

Max Pressure (PSI)

To me this isn’t a huge factor these days. Smaller air tanks can hold a higher pressure at least for a short period of time. Unless you have a tool or use that requires a really high pressure, volume will be the most important factor to how long you can run a tool before the compressor needs to kick on.

Standard Cubic Feet per Minute

This is the rate at which the compressor will replace the air used at 40 PSI or 90 PSI. Like the max pressure unless you know exactly what your air tools will use this isn’t a huge factor to me. The faster it can replace the air the less time it will take to fill the tank.


The rating is based off consumer ratings and reviews from as many sources as I could find. Some have more ratings than other but this should give you a pretty good gage of the overall quality of the compressor.


When buying a car or a lawnmower horsepower can be a huge factor. For our purposes even when looking for the best air compressor the horsepower rating doesn’t mean a whole lot. There are more important factors that we can look at like the rate at which it compresses air. The horsepower doesn’t really tell us much of anything about the performance. We have still listed this in our comparison chart in case you place more of an importance on this specification than we do!


In a perfect world we wouldn’t even need to list price at all because we would all be able to afford the very best air compressor! However, this is far form the case so here is how we have ranked price.


We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience while you search for the best air compressor for your needs. Feel free to contact us or leave a message below with your thoughts.

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