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Looking at all of the specifications and features can be overwhelming if you are looking to buy your first air compressor and are not familiar with all the industry specific jargon. Well, my friend, don’t let this discourage you! By answering a few simple questions about what you will be using your new air compressor for the selection will be easy.

Do you care about cost?

If you do, and I suspect most people have this as a first consideration, please read on. Otherwise if you just want the best maintenance free air compressor for your home or garage the Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 is a solid bet.

Is portability important?

If you plan on having this in the corner of your garage move on to the next question. Portable air compressors have less volume but are made to be light enough to take to job sites. The best portable air compressor is the Makita MAC700.

Is space important?

Vertical air compressors tend to take up less space and can be nice in the corner of a garage or shop. They also tend to have larger tanks and work well for air tools such as nail guns or buffers. The best vertical air compressor is the Central Pneumatic 68127.

Large compressor on wheels?

If you would like to move a larger compressor around the shop horizontal compressors are a good bet. They have larger volume tanks which make them good for air tools and they are easy to move on flat surfaces. The best horizontal air compressor goes to the DEWALT D55167.

Best budget air compressor?

Sometimes you just want to air up some tires without breaking the bank. The best budget air compressor is the Craftsman 15309.


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